Google Sitemaps PRO Opencart

Google Sitemaps PRO module is sharing all your products from Opencart to Google at real time.

  •  Google Sitemaps PRO Opencart


Google Sitemaps PRO is perfect for everyone who has a store with a lot of products and for a small store as well. Optimised code lets your server take a breath. All Google sitemaps are over 60% faster than included module in OpenCart one!

You can post it to Google selected sitemap of categories or to all sitemaps in one link. All products, categories, information, manufactures have SEO friendly links. Sitemap of sitemaps publishing multi-language sitemaps with all available languages in your store!

  • sitemap contains all sitemaps (all in one)!
  • sitemap separated to each categories
  • sitemap of all products - 60% faster than Opencart one!
  • sitemap to categories
  • sitemap to manufactures
  • sitemap to information


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