KBC Paypage Credit Card OpenCart

With online integrations that give your customers the right payment methods on a customised payment page they can trust, this module can help you increase conversion.

  •  KBC Paypage Credit Card OpenCart


If you have an online or mobile webshop, this solutions can help you sell more, reach a wider audience and keep your business protected.

  • label of payment
  • display options (size, color, background etc)
  • SSL is not required!
  • custom company logo
  • sandbox
  • logs
  • template
  • type of transaction
  • authorisation waiting
  • status: payment processing
  • status: authorised
  • status: capture accepted
  • status: refund
  • status: payment refused
  • status: payment deleted
  • the minimum order value
  • custom name of payment
  • geo zone
  • and more


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